The Most Beautiful Characteristic: Self Confidence

Having self confidence is the most important thing. Feeling good about how you look as you make your way from class to class will have only positive outcomes. If you are a person who gets bullied for how they look or dress, walk around confident with your head held high and your feet on the ground to show the bully who’s boss. If you don’t get bullied and are just self-conscious, think about this: What are the chances of there being a mistake in the way you look like a giant zit, or food in your teeth? Really, what are the chances? Don’t worry over one little thing because most likely it’s not even there. Don’t be afraid of yourself. Brag about yourself (not literally, but just showing people that you are you, nothing’s better than being yourself). People will love you just the way you are. Do you want to be around people who only like you because of how you look, or people who like being around you because you are funny, or nice, or always happy. Remember, only you can control how your mind works, don’t let other people try to do it for you.

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