Exfoliating is the best way to remove dead skin cells off of your skin. Dead skin cells can clump together, clogging up your pores forming a pimple. if you have acne scars, this is shedding away little bits of skin so eventually your scars will go away. I use the Neutrogena Microderabrasion System which I love! It smooths your skin, and after just 1 use, I could see results! Try it!

Natural Sugar Scrub:

Sugar (Brown or white, your choice)
Olive Oil

Pour about 1/2 a cup-1 cup of sugar into a mixing bowl. Add enough olive oil to spread throughout the sugar when you mix. Now add a teaspoon of water if the olive oil is not enough.
Gently (over a sink or towel) massage a scoop of the mixture into your skin, in small circles. You should spend about 1 minute-2 minutes on each section on your face. I recommend if you have sensitive skin, to go very gentle and spend a shorter amount of time on each area.
Splash your face with water to completely remove the scrub.
PAT your face dry with a towel.


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