Happy Valentines Day:) <3 And other topics about my day!

Happy Valentines day everyone! How was your day? Do you have a ‘special someone?’ Anyway, I got a Reesie’s Peanut Butter Heart for a little gift from my parents! It was really good! I am listening to the song “Ho Hey” right now by the Lumineers. It is such a good song, but really short. I just wished it lasted longer! Now I am listening to “All of Me” by Tanlines. One of my favorite songs! Ok, you are probably thinking, “Kate, stop blabbing about songs!” So now I will talk about other things. 


Is it true Eleanor and Louis broke up?

Is Dylan O’brien in a new movie? *Yes*


What is the best style of Vans to get? I want a relaxed, not complex pair. A simple pair of Vans. I like the Women’s Surf ones!

Was the Modern Family Valentine’s Day episode last night appropriate for all members of the family (if you know what I mean)?


Is it worth splurging and wasting your money to get the most expensive makeup out there? *No. Elf sells very nice makeup, and it is REALLY cheap at Target. I got a blush for $3, and a foundation brush (a really nice one) for $1. I also got an eyeliner, with a cream, silver-y eyeshadow stick on the other end. It is so pretty! 

~That’s all for today everyone! I hope you stick around! And also, you can now subscribe to me by email. The “Follow Me:)” button is on the right-side of the page. When you follow me, you will receive email notifications whenever I post a new blog. It is very convenient. Thanks so much!


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All of my Best Sets!

Tips (Requests)

I am going to start a new column called “tips.” I will post tips about beauty, fashion, fitness, and anything you can think of. Leave requests for me in the comments below and your tip may get featured.

A tip request may look like this:

“Hi! Could you please explain how to get beachy waves in your hair!”

Or it could look like this:

“Hi! I have a tip for you. To get beachy waves, use a curling wand and only hold for ten seconds. Then loosen them by slightly pulling on the ends of your hair.”

So basically, you can tell me a tip to post, or ask me to either look one up to write or I may know how to do it. Leave requests or tips in the comments below and I will be sure to read every single one.

Thanks for visiting Paper Doll Beauty!