Clarisonic Mia

Ok, so if any of you did not hear, I had ordered a Clarisonic Mia through A few months after using it, it stopped working and would not hold it’s charge. When it said it was fully charged, it would not turn on. So after a little bit of confusion, we called Clarisonic. When we gave them the product number of my Clarisonic, they said that they did not manufacture this product. Either they were wrong, or I got a fake one from Amazon. After doing some research, I read that many people have also gotten fake Clarisonics from Amazon. Hear me out here : It is not’s fault, it is the seller that sells through Amazon’s fault. After calling Amazon, they said we could return it with a full refund. I ordered a new Clarisonic from (even though it was a little more expensive) and after a few days we got an email telling us that they did not have the color I wanted in stock, I had to choose a different one. The purpose of this post is to say that I just got my new Clarisonic today, in the color Mango. Even though it says to charge for 24 hours before use, I still used it. You can definitely tell the difference of vibrations, and brush heads from the fake one. Overall, I love my Clarisonic and wanted to warn you that ordering one off of Amazon might not be the best idea. For all I know, that was the only seller with fake Clarisonics on Amazon, and they are cheaper there. Thanks for reading this!

*All opinions were mine and I did not get paid or sponsored or anything to write this*

If you read all of this, comment below : “I love my Clarisonic” 



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